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Oil Drilling On The Tundra

Description Of Our Biome
Biotic And Abiotic Factors On Tundra
Legislation Action
Oil Drilling On Tundra
Short/Long Term Affects
People's Views On The Environment
To Drill Or Not To Drill In The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge?

People's Views On The Environment


All the views of the environment can be summed up in one-statement humans cause most of damage to the environment either.

              Many people taught that the ecosystem was the wild life, plant life, landscape, but one person summed up in one sentence and we quote “The natural world around me and the physical conditions which affect it.” Now humans do effect the environment by cutting down trees or pollute the air and for this it is our responsibility to take care of the environment because it is a gift for us to live hear. Many people taught very important and necessary to recycle in our school and at home because resources are limited and it is a waste to throw away useful stuff. The water on the planet was the overall most important resource and also oil, which we were surprised with. Since the amount of fossil fuels like oil and coal are limited the alternate fossil fuel propane, water, wind energy, nuclear energy, and solar energy. “If everyone can do their part even if they do little by recycling it will all add up and will be a big helping saving the environment like keeping the earth clean and to recycle this will be a good way for an individual to start,” said by anonymous. School is the best place to start to help the environment by recycling, not waste paper, and by “Educating students importance of protecting the environment and by providing role models for the proper way to recycle,” anonymous says. For a country to help the environment they can simply stop chemical accidents, cut down on pollution, and “Take legislation money to protect and preserve our natural resources and open spaces,” anonymous quotes. It is very important to keep biodiversity because it allows us to have different natural resources like the Amazon, rainforest, oceans, or Costa Rica. Many species are becoming extinct because of hunting, interrupting the food chain, pollution, and changes in the environment. Now a day our climate has been changing due to many causes like pollution, the changes of seasons, the over burning of fossil fuels, and the aero salt cans that the ozone layer.

            As you can see people’s view on the environment were excellent. All what they said were true and precise. They were all thought out and we thank them for allowing us to interview them.

 By: Ekene Nnadi