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Oil Drilling On The Tundra

Description Of Our Biome
Biotic And Abiotic Factors On Tundra
Legislation Action
Oil Drilling On Tundra
Short/Long Term Affects
People's Views On The Environment
To Drill Or Not To Drill In The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge?

Short/Long Term Affects

What kind of effects does oil drilling have on the environment of Alaska?





There are many short-term effects and long-term effects of oil drilling in the Tundra. First of all, some of the long-term effects are there are many oil spills in the Tundra because almost 95% of the Tundra can be drilled in. This causes many oil spills that can effect the wildlife around it. It can by killing birds that go into the water and get oil on them, and that oil can spread into the ocean contaminating the water and killing the sea life in it and other organisms that venture into the water. Also, “… only 14% of the oil was removed during oil cleanup operations.” With this being said by Pamela Miller, it sounds like oil just stays in the water and can be harmful to things and organisms in the water. However, there are also short-term effects of oil drilling. First of all, if the oil is not drilled, then there will be a higher demand for oil and it could effect small oil companies. Also, it can effect peoples vote because Bush is for oil drilling, this may drive away people who were going to vote for him originally. Overall, there are many short-term and long-term effects of oil drilling in the Tundra.