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Oil Drilling On The Tundra

Description Of Our Biome
Biotic And Abiotic Factors On Tundra
Legislation Action
Oil Drilling On Tundra
Short/Long Term Affects
People's Views On The Environment
To Drill Or Not To Drill In The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge?
Biotic And Abiotic Factors On Tundra

Abiotic Factors-Physical, or nonliving, factors that shapes an ecosystem
  • Strong Winds
  • little precipitaion (rainfall)
  • short summer days
  • very long and cold winters
  • poor soil
  • permafrost-a layer of permanently frozen subsoil

Biotic Factors-biological influences on organisms within an ecosystem

  • Plants like Heaths and mosses have to adapt to the very long and cold winters because the sun does not come up in the winter
  • Wildlife like arctic tundra animals include snowy owls, reindeer, polar bears, white foxes, lemmings, arctic hares, wolverines, caribou, migrating birds, mosquitoes, and black flies.

Picture of Snowy owl

an example of a food web

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