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Oil Drilling On The Tundra

Description Of Our Biome
Biotic And Abiotic Factors On Tundra
Legislation Action
Oil Drilling On Tundra
Short/Long Term Affects
People's Views On The Environment
To Drill Or Not To Drill In The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge?

Oil Drilling On Tundra

Oil Drilling is something that is needed in our everyday lives!


Oil Drilling

Oil drilling is a very important issue in the world we live in today and it is very controversial as well. First of all, oil drilling is the act of heavy duty machinery digging deep down into the ground and bringing out oil to refine it into gasoline, kerosene, heating oil, and other products. (Freudenrich) Oil drilling is going on all over the world but a main place where it happens is in the tundra in places such as Alaska, Canada near the Mackenzie Delta, and in the Prudhoe Bay. (Biomes- Living Worlds) The government is working very hard to figure out if oil drilling can be legal in places because this oil drilling hurts the environment. Recently stated, oil drilling is harmful to wildlife, while oil firms believe the advanced technology allows them to operate with decreasing impact on the land. (Author now listed/March 6, 2003) Oil Drilling hurts the Tundra and Oil Spillages are very harmful. (Biomes- Living Worlds) This is what Oil Drilling is overall.